Social media is about people. People are expressive. With expression comes engagement.

The key answer in effective engagement is to engage with the right people. Achieve this and you’re more than half-way there.

To achieve Return on Investment (ROI), you need a strategy and the knowledge to engage tactically, to cut through the hype and noise and accelerate your social media.

My view is many businesses who are active on social media are treating this great communication and marketing medium as if was transaction driven internet marketing.

What’s the difference and what do I mean?

Briefly, internet marketing is more akin to achieving the objective of making a sale on-line. It’s most appropriate to commodity-based items such as CDs and books amongst many other products, for example, where price is a key driver for the purchaser to make the transaction.

On the other hand, social media is more about relationship building. Basically, off-line networking, on-line. For service-led businesses in particular, it’s not about commodity, it’s about people.

You’re more than likely to have heard the well known expression: ‘People buy people’. Have this in mind when engaging on social media.

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